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My Fitness Story

My Fitness Journey

My fitness journey is something that has be a longtime coming an constantly evolving. When i was growing up, we didn't have the mobile devices we do now. Even if I  did, we definetly couldn't afford to have one. I was always active as kid and  I loved playing outside with my friends and family. I played competitive football, baseball and baskeball.  I didn't have a favorite nor do I have one now. I just loved playing. Being active is what i knew and all I did.  My diet was the least of my concerns. i didn't drink alcohol or do drugs and I ate just about anything and it didn't really have and effect of my performance. This continued on while college, I played football so I was forced to stay in shape. 

Upon graduating, I moved back home and started a new job (not high paying). I found myself without a gym membership  and just didn't value my health and fitness as much I used to. I was on a paper chase. The desire to by rich and succeful is what I found to be the most valuable at that time.  I tried to be as involved with "working out" as I so rigorlessly did before, but I just didn't have the desire since I didn't have a place to go. Sure, I could have joined a gym but was saving all my money for graduate school. So, I started running ( which was and still is a necessary evil) and doing bodyweight exercises. It was so hard to be motivated, but I was proud about anything I was doing. I went grad school and go a job and moved  Portland, Oregon.

After  a few years I realized that I loved the part of my indentity that came from being healthy and fit.  I missed it and I wanted that feeling after great workout! I was at the lowest point of my life. Thinking back of what I used to be. It was depressing that I allow life to live me rather than to live my life. Besides the fact that I was overweight and was not feeling good about myself. My drive for the paper chase had deminished and now I wanted to get that feeling back of being healthly and fit. I join a gym and worked my ass off to get that feeling of being healthy and fit. I started running and strength training. However, my diet was not aligned with the training I was doing so i was being conterproductive of what I was trying to achieve. I can say a lot of that has to do with my ignorance of the right things to eat to being the healthiest and fittiest version of myself and my age was a contributing factor. As you get older your body don't recover like it used too! 

As i traveled through my fitness journey I became more knowledgable about how to workout and the right things to eat to be the healthiest and fittiest version of myself. 



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